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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

“Patriotyka on the lakes ” – is the next residential complex continuing the residential complexes like “Molodizhnyi kvartal ” and “Patriotyka”. For the realization of this immense project the developer was preparing since 2005.

To build housing, without causing damage to the environment and try to improve it for a comfortable living of the Kyiv residents — is one of the city development targets that the Constructor has to fulfill.

The mot perspective vector of the city development is the south route, and that is where our potential is focused on.

You are familiar with our reputation — we are financing not only the construction of new buildings, but developing a settle scheme of residential complexes, that completely meet the requirements of the surrounding environment. Аnd the lakes — were part and remain part of the land that we develop. Today they are used as an erratic form of leisure, but very soon it will become a settled areas destined to rest and recreation.

There are already several places of that kind — take for instance the old Rusanivka or the newly formed Obolon — clean, cozy, green and fresh areas suitable for morning swim… living by the water is an indisputable advantage!

On one hand, during the 23 years of our program existence – the funding of the housing construction with the client`s funds— the bank got almost used to the fact that developing a new complex starts with a fight. And against the construction different people emerge.

Who are those people?

First of all, interested, very interested individuals who use to achieve their own goals residents of neighboring houses primarily, and the press, and other activists.

Then the process picks up by  the politians  - in this case, the election race has already begun, so any drive becomes a step for further advancement of the political ladder.

And here is such an urgent topic - housing and the surrounding nature - which in fact is an abandoned empty land with an unknown future (in terms of landscaping, destination, maintenance).

On the other hand, our 23-year old experience tells us and our investors that living in a house surrounded by an abandoned land an console oneself with the idea that we managed to save the nature has no perspectives,

Your children enjoy settled playgrounds, green porch, paved river walks with cafes and stores, beach and sport areas.

The most popular housing is in well-organized zones (this will be confirmed by any realtor). And the most comfortable - next to the well-equipped reservoirs.

Our city knows well the examples when the actions of a group of personally interested people drastically degraded the quality of life of multimillion city by pushing the level of accommodation at the end of the rating (for example, the unfinished bridge to the Raiduzhnyi Array).

There are also examples when, seemingly unpromising, neglected empty spaces were miraculously built up, are cultivated, become popular and beloved. This is the path chosen by the bank and the developer.

The Bank has vast experience, merits, awards in the implementation of investment projects for financing such construction and with the support of not only by many city organizations, but also by YOU, OUR INVESTORS, and together with the developer will provide the construction of "Patriotyka on the Lakes" in its approved form - with clean lakes, beautiful beaches, cozy courtyards.

We are confident in the future and we have no doubt that "Patriotyka on the lakes" will become one of the most beautiful residential complexes in Kyiv!