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Dear residents and clients of residential complexes "Molodizhnyi kvartal", "PATRIOTYKA", Osokorky and Pozniaky areas!

For the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the residential areas Osokorky and Pozniaky , at the request of PJSC "Kyivenergo" (according to the technical specifications No. NP-355-15), PJSC Bank “ARCADA” and Developer started funding and constructing  the 110/10 electric substation, located on  the  street  Kolectorna  in Kiev.

Unfortunately, yesterday, on March 06, 2018, a group of unknown people with the concent  of the Darnytsky District Police Department cynically disrupted the construction of a 110/10 electric substation.

In this regard, o PJSC Bank “ARCADA”once again emphasizes that, as a manager of the construction financing fund, together with the developer will build, put into operation, transfer to settlements and provide all investment objects with the necessary resources. However, taking into consideration the current confrontation regarding the construction of the 110/10 electric substation, Bank and Developer can not guarantee in the near future uninterrupted heat and power supply  of the objects of investment transferred to the settlement.