Bank «АRCADA» - is a Ukrainian commercial bank that is operating successfully since 1993 and offers banking services for legal and physical entities. From the very beginning the bank positions itself on the banking service market as bank that takes into account the interest of every client.  

Bank was one of the first ones to offer and successfully develop the program of investment of clients` personal funds into the construction of real estate and long-term loans (up to 30 years).

During the 26 years of its existence the Bank «АRCADA» proved to be a stable bank. During the years 2011-2018 the bank became a winner in the nomination «Financial Partner of the construction market» at the Ukrainian Construction Award IBuild Ukraine that is held by the Ukrainian Constructors Confederation.

As a result of the d credit rating JSC Bank «АRCADA» (on 25.09.2018р.) confirmed its long-term credit rating for investment level ua.BBB – with the forecast of the rating «stable» according to the National rating scale.

Bank «АRCADA» offers the following types of services:

  • Іnvesting into real estate construction
  • Long-term loans (mortgage loans)
  • Personal banking safe
  • Cash operation service
  • Currency exchange operations
  • Securities transactions
  • Depositary services

We understand well how difficult it is for any bank to earn trust from a client and how easy it is to lose it for good. That`s why Bank «АRCADA» takes professional responsibility to guarantee the safety of each client.

Our professionals stick not only to the basis of Law and moral principles but also a certain honor code. Among all the virtues necessary for a bank employee we consider the most relevant to be FORESIGHT, ENTERPRISE, PRUDENCE AND VISION. For that reason these symbolic personifications are located on the façade of the Central Office of the bank «АRCADA».

We assure you that all our specialists working at «АRCADA»

  • prudent and cautious, they are able to anticipate developments in the financial world, their possible consequences, and take the necessary measures in advance;
  • Conservative, they know the price not only for their own savings, but also for saving their customers;
  • Clearly know that true entrepreneurship is the ability to predict the economic outcomes of their work, a combination of predisposition to risk and responsibility;
  • It is always remembered that prudence and common sense help to analyze the problem and facilitate the search for balanced and well-grounded conclusions and positions.

Guided by such principles, we always treat our clients with deep respect and gratitude, and we are constantly expanding our range of services. Just call us or visit our site to make sure of it!
We will also be glad to meet you at the head office of “ARCADA” Bank in Kyiv or at our offices.