Chapter Requirements of JSC Bank "ARCADA" to notarial partners of the bank

Before consideration by the bank on the subject of cooperation, applications of notaries shall be accepted for compliance with the following requirements:

- experience of working as a notary is at least 5 years;

- impeccable business reputation;

- Availability of practical experience in executing transactions related to credit operations;

- consent of the notary for use in the work of typical forms of contracts approved by the Bank."

   Documents required by the notary to coordinate cooperation with JSC Bank "ARCADA"

• certificate of the right to engage in notarial activities;

• registration certificate for the registration of private notarial activities;

• passport data and certificate on the assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer's account card;

• insurance contract of civil liability;

• a certificate on the registration of a taxpayer (form 4-OPP) or a certificate on the registration of a taxpayer, the details of which are not subject to inclusion in the USR(Unified State Register) (form 34-OPP

• information about the estimated cost of the notary's services.

To ensure the cooperation, the notary must provide a copy of the documents certified with his own signature and seal imprint. "