Chapter Requirements of JSC Bank "ARCADA " to insurance companies - partners of the bank

"The bank accepts the applications of the insurance companies for approval of the cooperation in order to comply with the following requirements:

- term of the insurance company's activity in the insurance market of Ukraine is at least 5 years;

- full disclosure by the company of information about the final beneficiary (actual) owners of the company;

- execution in full of its obligations to policyholders;

- impeccable business reputation;

- absence of negative experience of work of the bank with the insurance company, litigation between them;

- absence during the last year of cases of unreasonably delayed terms of payment of insurance compensations and suspension of licenses, regulations or non-enforcement of measures of influence of the regulator;

- availability of the branch  network;

- availability of valid licenses for carrying out activities according to the types of insurance that the company will offer to the clients of the bank;

- positive conclusions about the financial condition of the company as a result of its analysis by the bank. "

   Documents required by the insurance company for approval of cooperation with JSC Bank "ARKADA"

• statute with all changes and additions;

• an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Associations;

• the statutory agreement with all changes and additions (if any

• orders, decisions, protocols on the appointment of officials;

• passport data and certificate on the assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer's account card;

• license for the right to engage in insurance activities for certain types of insurance;

• Certificate of state registration of an insurance company as a financial institution;

• typical insurance contracts according to the established types;

• insurance policies for the respective types of insurance;

• other necessary documents at the request of the bank.

In order to co-operate, the insurance company must provide a copy of the documents certified by the signature of the authorized person of the insurance company and a seal (if used)."