Childrens` Program

«Lodging till adulthood»

 Children are the most precious in our life. All parents dream their children to be happy and never suffer hardships.Without a doubt, you are concerned that your child has decent education and profitable profession respectively, so that he won`t face the same financial issues that you had while being young. You also might be thinking that it would be a good idea to buy an apartment, vehicle and to settle down young family`s welfare…however that requires money, quite decent amount. Where one could get them from?  We offer you to accumulate gradually the funds on your bank account starting from early years of your child.

How can it be done? Easily – come to our bank and open an account for your child.
Every citizen of Ukraine can open an account and replenishment (contribution) of this account can be made by anyone, not even a family member. This gives an opportunity for the grandparents to help their beloved grandchildren. Which is more, contribution till adulthood can be a great birthday gift!

Terms and conditions for opening the account for a certain period within a program “Lodging till adulthood”

The account is opened on the name of a minor (till 16 years old).When turning 18 years old the child takes the amount of funds on the account personally, or the term of the agreement may be prolonged for 2 years.
Opening the account requires:

  • National passport of Ukrainian citizenship and an original document of tax payer card;
  • Birth certificate of the child and child registration in the State Register of physical entities-taxpayers proving the place of residence. If the child is 14-16 years old, you should provide the original document or its notary certified copy proving the place of residence of the minor.

The contributions are accepted in national currency (UAH) and don`t have limit. The replenishment of the account can be made both in cash and in cashless form.

The bank calculates the interests on the contributed funds monthly and refills them into the same account.

Interests are accrued with a floating interest rate that is calculated as NBU rate +2% (National Bank of Ukraine).

The child can withdraw the funds from his account personally when reaching 18 years old, before that age – withdrawing funds can be made by cancelling the agreement – by the representatives of the child (parents, adoptive family, guardians or trustees) with the consent of the guardianship authorities.

PJSC Bank “ARCADA” is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund and obtained the Certificate #1!

From 01.08.2015 the fee for confirmating  balances on bank deposit agreement for the period according to the program “Lodging till adulthood” at the PJSC Bank “ARCADA” is 35 UAH.

We are sure that with our help your child will have the possibility to start his adult life properly.

Deposit Agreement for a minor or under age entities with the capitalization of interest (typical form)