The price of a m² is fixed for 6 months. At investing into apartments at the residential buildings «NEBREZH» (№4), «VYRLYTSIYA» (№6), «MARICHEIKA» (№7), «SYVASH» (№9), «LEBEDYN» (№14) at the R/C «PATRIOTYKA ON THE LAKES» the total amount of each paymentfor the following 6 calendar months from the moment of agreement signing, the funds stand for the price of 1 m² fixed at the date of agreement statement when the first payment was more than 50% of the investment price starting from 07 of February 2019.

Payments are made with client`s personal funds only.

The special offer program is valid only for those agreements signed during the duration of the sale.

The additional discount of 2% for the program «Fixed prices» is not added for the participants of the sale «regular customers` club».

The Special Offer Program by «BUDEVOLUTSIYA» LLC, «Fixed prices» is valid from 07.02.2019tо 28.02.2019 (inclusively).**

Please note that according to the terms and conditions of the Sale it is forbidden to change the investment object.

*first payment – single payment made with client`s personal funds in a single payment document.
**the sales program can be stopped before the final date.


For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22