«April sales»


The total sum of the apartment price has the discount of 3% at 100% of first single payment made with clients` personal funds at investing into the apartments of the residential building №19 R/C «ЕVRYКА» starting from  April 12, 2018 .   

Clients that will participate on 12.04.2018 in the program “Regular customers club” will obtain an additional discount of 2%.

Sales are valid only for the Agreements signed during the Special Offer Program.

Special Offer Program by “ARKADA-BUDIVNYTSTVO”, Ltd “April sales” is valid from12.04.2018 tо 19.04.2018 (inclusively).

Please note that the terms of the Special Offer Program forbid the change of the investment object.

** Special Offer program can be stopped before the due date.

For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22