TНE DISCOUNT OF 3% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT is offered at  payments of 100%*, made with clients` personal funds, at investing into 2-room apartments with the surface 66,81 m2  at the residential building «CHYGYRYN» (№34) at the R/C «PATRIOTYКА» starting from 12 of January, 2018.    

Clients that will participate on 12.01.2018 in the program “Regular customers club” will obtain an additional discount of 2%.

Discounts are valid only for those agreements signed during the Special Offer Program.

The special Offer Program from “BUDEVOLUTSIYA”, Ltd. Sales at the Residential Complex «PATRIOTYKA» is valid from 12.01.2018 tо 31.01.2018 (inclusively).**

Please note that the terms of the Special Offer Program forbid the change of the investment object.

*1st payment – single payment made with clients` personal funds in a single payment document.
**special offer program can be stopped before the due date.


For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22